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Best Pet Products voted by Fido Friendly Magazine
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Best Pet Products voted by Fido Friendly Magazine

Save a life - give a shelter dog a home
Save a Life
Give a shelter Pure Mutt a home.

Save a life - give a shelter Pure Mutt a home

Join the Pure Mutt movement.
Don't buy while shelter dogs die!
Adopt a Pure Mutt!

Gifts for Mutt Parents
Gifts for Mutt Parents

Pure Mutt
Proud to be

Our mission is to promote mixed breed dogs and encourage the adoption of shelter dogs.

Buster in dog bandana

Approximately 4 million animals are euthanized in US shelters each year. Help those who can not help themselves.

Sandman in dog bandana

Pure Mutt donates a percentage of sales to non profit shelters and rescue organizations.

Buster in dog bandana

FREE SHIPPING and FREE Decals while supplies last

dog and parent tshirts
Matching t-shirts for 2 and 4 legged Mutts

Dog Accessories
Customize Pure Mutt products for your rescue fundraiser or store!

Dog Tote
Strut Your Mutt in Style!

Pure Mutt Decal

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Buster, Brewster & Sandman singing and celebrating the mutt in all of us.
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