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Pure Mutt, Inc. is a new company that makes apparel for Mutts and Mutt lovers. Our mission is to promote "mixed breed" dogs and encourage the adoption of homeless dogs and give shelter dogs a better description than "just a mutt". Volunteering at a shelter and seeing the plight of homeless mixed breed dogs desperately waiting to be adopted inspired us to help these often overlooked animals.

According to the ASPCA each year in the United States 5.5 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters. Approximately 1.5 million of these animals (670,00 dogs) are euthanized yearly because there simply not enough homes for them. Approximately 75% of these dogs that enter shelters are medium to large mixed breed dogs.

Most people think that shelter dogs are inferior in some way. They believe that only animals who misbehave, have issues, are old or have health problems end up in shelters. This is not true! Circumstance out of their control and not their fault are the majority of reasons dogs end up in shelters. The majority have been surrendered by owners and a large percentage are picked up as strays from the street with no tag or chip. Owners relinquish their pets due to moving, loss of home/foreclosure, personal problems, not enough time, sick and ill pets, illness or death of owner, new baby and behavior issues due to lack of training.

Many shelter dogs are perfect pets who have had owners that did not plan properly or careless owners that have caused their pets to be homeless. The mixed breed dog's versatility, intelligence and sensitivity make a natural therapy or service dog. Mixed breed dogs make excellent assistance dogs who perform a variety of tasks including alerting hearing impaired people to sounds, responding when handlers have seizures, assisting with mobility by acting as a disabled person's arms and legs, retrieving objects and offering psychiatric support. Hearing assistant dogs are predominately mixed breed rescued dogs. Mixed breed dogs are usually healthier than pure breeds and tend to live longer.

Our philosophy is that Pure Mutts are proud to be unique and one-of-a-kind. We hope to help make mixed breed dogs a more popular breed and encourage people to adopt a mixed breed dog when adding a pet to their family. A percentage of profits are donated to non-profit shelters and rescue groups and spay and neuter organizations. Join the Pure Mutt movement and help us be the voice for these perfect homeless mixed breed dogs and help us save lives! Show the world you are proud of your canine companion, an original, One of a kind ...

Pure Mutt.

Buster in his Pure Mutt bandana Sandman in his Pure Mutt bandana Brewster in his Pure Mutt bandana
Five 4 month old puppies (silblings) were abandoned near a school yard in Miami. Abandoned Pet Rescue rescued them from their homeless life on the streets. We adopted 3 of the brothers fom APR. Many perfect PURE MUTTS never make it out of shelters alive. Please consider adoption first before you purchase a dog.
PureMutt, Inc.
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